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[Comm] BabyIcons MOD PINK
bliitz wrote in babyicons

Welcome to babyicons!This is a closed graphics community.We create any type of graphics we can based on your vision (baby related of course).If you have any questions or comments,please post them here and a moderator will reply as soon as possible.There is a chance that your question has already been asked and answer in a comment,please feel free to read through to find what you're looking for.Thank you for your interest in our community & we hooe you guy joy your membership here!

Community Navagation:
[Request From] [Contact a MOD] [Maker Application] [Suggestion Post]

My membership was approved,but I can't post in the community.Whats up with that? If your membership was approved and the option to post in babyicons isn't on your communities list,its probably the fault of LJ.sometimes, members are approved but aren't immediately granted posting access,even though the community is set up that way.Just comment here to let us know you're having that problem and we'll correct it ASAP :)

I was declined to join your community.How Come? if you were declined,there could be a few reasons why:
-you don't have credit for your icons/graphics.even if you made them yourself,or if you've found them from some unknown source,we require that you have that in your keywords,otherwise we cant be sure you'll credit us,we like credit.
-you have less then 10 friends or your journal has zero entries.these things are typical of troll journals,and while we're not accusing you,we are trying to protect our community and its members from picture-thieves & graphic-stealer's,both of which we've had before.if your journal is new or only a few friends because it's a separate journal of yours just let us know.theres are always to work things out.


01.Posts in this community must be a request or a pick up.
Any off-topic post will be deleted.

02.Requests must be made Sunday-Thursday.
The community will be closed Friday & Saturday for pick ups
& so makers & mods may catch the community up.

Request Form must be used when requesting.You will only be warned once then your request will be deleted.

04.Every Request made here must be for a specific maker.
Updated makers list are posting through out the week.

05.Do not direct link anything from this community.
tinypic & learn how to use icons here.

06.Do not take anything that is not yours or that wasnt made for you.

07.Credit is a must.
Learn how to credit

08.Icon credit must be in given in icon keywords.
Learn how to use keywords
 Miscellaneous graphics are to be credited only on the page they are being used on, a link to another page for credit is not acceptable. You may NOT use hover credits to credit graphics, as they don't work in all browsers.

09.We have a select few icon makers who are approved to make icons. If you would like to be an icon maker, please join thecommunity, then go here & fill out the application & reply in a comment on that post.

10.You must wait at least TEN REQUESTING days before inquiring about your request, or reposting. Icon makers have lives.The makers in this community may also be involved in other communities,and it can take them a little longer, especially if they're taking regular requests in this community, as well.

11.Don't cross-post your request to other communities. We realize we aren't the only child-oriented graphics community in LJ-Land, but some of us are makers in two or three different communities, and it's not cool to have to fill the same request two or three times. It's also a little offensive to the communities you cross-post to. In addition, if your request is received, you aren't allowed to ask the maker to edit it. That's why the "additional info" section is on the request form.

12.Do not comment on any request post unless you are a graphics-maker. This is how most graphics request go overlooked.

13. You may never go to a mod's or a maker's personal journal about graphics, but mods or makers can go to yours if they notice you are not crediting correctly.

14.You may not join our community with a "community"or "pregnancy" journal, as it's usually very hard to distinguish those from troll journals. Please, join our community only with your regular journal.

15.By clicking 'join', you are acknowledging the rules and are commenting yourself to them. Any rule-breaking will result in banned members.


[new member application]

Starting October 2007 All new members must fill out the following form & reply to this post with it & then join the community.

do you have kids?
names & ages-
have you read & understood the community rules?
show us your icons(go to your icons & copy the url & paste it here)-
how did you hear about us?
Please provide a salute with you & your child(ren):

[banned users
ashes20 for not crediting properly.
bgaubryr for using an examples icon without permission or credit.
btrlies4u for not crediting properly.
dancediva81 for being fake.
jillica for not crediting icons.
katiep143 for breaking community rules.
knc_143 for not crediting properly.
koo_koo_kachoo_ for not crediting properly.
mental_soul84 for not crediting properly
miisz_juicy for not crediting properly.
mommytobroc for crediting icons.
o0owuvmyaxelo0o for not crediting properly.
princess41guy for not crediting properly.
southerbellexx for not crediting properly.
tearmist for copying icons and passing them off as her own.
witscottalwayz for not crediting properly.
x0xmodelmami for not crediting icons.
xostarxo18 for not crediting properly.
x__prefection for not crediting properly

if you come to a maintainer's personal journal with questions about about why you've been banned or asking to be unbanned,you will be permanently banned from this community.

if you feel your banning was in error,or wish to stay in the community and correct the problem,please comment to this post & be sure to include your username so the mods know who you are.

 [Maker Information]
the following is a list of current makers at babyicons,along with the maker status (active/hiatus) personal rules ,& links to their examples pages.

This section is always up to date!

bliitz - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

psiad0reyou - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

faerieflings - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

krisp - [examples] [personal rules] [status: hiatus]

4tsandgrowing- [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

moonstrkbyu - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

m0mmy_x3 - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

uniquieheart - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

sardonyx_78 - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

ashamilee - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

ali_lanas - [examples] [personal rules] [status: active]

rebblegirl - [examples] [personal rules] [status: hiatus]

 [Maker Application]
If you would like to apply to be a maker please reply here with the following form:

Please wait atleast a week for your application to be voted on by the mods & makers.

counter easy hit

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sorry it wouldnt let me reply to anything

name- Windsor
do you have kids? Yes
names & ages- Isabella (3.5) Elijah (21 months) & Sofia (6 weeks)
have you read & understood the community rules? Yes I do
show us your icons(go to your icons & copy the url & paste it here)-
how did you hear about us? Baby_graphix
Please provide a salute with you & your child(ren):

sorry about that i was tryin to clean up the comments lol all set & approved sorry bout the wait hun :/

welcome to babyicons :)

Hey hun,
I'm a member here on my old journal bluetwinkles - I'm in the middle of swapping everything over - Is there anyway I could be allowed access on this journal please? ♥

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